Your Tour Guides

Madame Macabre

Cynthia Rintye

The Lawrenceville Ghost Tours’ fearless and fearsome leader, Madame Macabre is an eerie enigma. Your fright is her greatest delight. 1910—educated lady

Sylvia Spendmoore
(of the Atlanta Spendmoores)

Alisha Boley

Would much rather tell ghost stories than attend to her studies. Luckily, her mama’s been Sylvia’s constant companion ever since Mama, well…died. 1880s—spoiled ingénue

Tour Guide Madame Fortuna Papanikogiatopoulos

Madame Fortuna Papanikogiatopoulos

Eliana Marianes

Lawrenceville’s resident psychic predicts you find her ghostly stories most entertaining. 1940—exotic fortune teller

Nick Bouchard

Andrew Puckett

Blessed be the lies that bind – Join slick Nick on a long con, and stalk his favorite haunts. 1930—charming con man

Manny Moonshine

Luke Georgecink

Manny Moonshine may be from up north, but he is NOT a gangster and any rumors about him selling ‘shine? Forget about it! 1920—New Jersey gangster—booze runner

Malachy McMortum

Jacob McKee

Just off the boat from Ireland, Malachy is simply looking for a good acre of land to plant some potatoes. He’s stumbled upon Lawrenceville’s ghosts when he started digging. 1850—impoverished, immigrant farmer