Cemetery Tours

Lawrenceville Haunted Cemetery Tours


Fridays & Saturdays 8:30 & 10:30pm

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Tours begin and end at Aurora Theatre
128 East Pike Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Don’t forget to bring a flashlight!

Tickets also available at the Aurora Theatre Box Office or by phone: 678.226.6222

Have you ever wanted to go on a ghost hunt? Experience the Lawrenceville Haunted Cemetery Tour in one of the Southeast’s oldest and most haunted cemeteries.

Hear chilling tales, told in the most frightening place you can imagine, by a master storyteller. Scattered throughout the evening will be stories about the occupants of the Historic Lawrenceville Cemetery: the town’s earliest settlers and founders. Learn about the long forgotten but recently unearthed graves, all while investigating a paranormal hotspot where many have witnessed strange and unexplained occurrences. Finding it hard to believe? Witness this archived WXIA TV file footage of a famed paranormal investigator and a television news crew.

For years Lawrenceville, GA Ghost Tours shared stories about the spookiest place in Gwinnett. But now for the first time ever, take a guided tour of the haunted cemetery to witness this supernatural phenomenon first hand. Our guides for this select event have had many peculiar encounters at the cemetery including capturing an EVP (electronic voice phenomena), seeing orbs and ectoplasm, and other terrifying personal experiences.

This exclusive tour will take a limited number of people on Fridays and Saturdays only. Reservations Highly Recommended.

Participant requirements:

  • Wear closed-toe, comfortable shoes (no sandals)
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Sign a release form (PDF)
  • Must be at least 13 years of age

All participants are encouraged to bring:

  • Cameras (cell phone cameras are fine)
  • Audio recorders
  • Paranormal investigation tools, like a K2 meter (if you already have one)
  • Umbrellas or ponchos if there is a chance of rain
  • Water bottles

The Haunted Cemetery Tour is an hour and a half tour that starts at Aurora Theatre and travels the short distance to the Historic Lawrenceville Cemetery. Total walking will be about a mile and a half, sometimes on uneven ground. so please wear appropriate shoes.

Tours begin and end at Aurora Theatre
128 East Pike Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Tickets also available at the Aurora Theatre Box Office or by phone: 678.226.6222


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Q: How long is the tour?

A: The tour last between 75 and 90 minutes.

Q: How much walking is there?

A: About a mile and a half.

Q: Is it a difficult or easy walk?

A: While it is not a difficult walk, there are a couple of challenges. There is one block with no sidewalk on the way to the cemetery. Once inside the cemetery, the ground is uneven and everyone needs to be very careful with their footing. The walk back to the Aurora is uphill.

Q: So I need to wear sneakers?

A: Yes.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: A flashlight, sturdy shoes and a signed waiver form.

Q: Why do we have to sign a waiver?

A: Because compared to the walking tour, the cemetery is very dark with uneven terrain. Plus, if a ghost follows you home, we are not responsible.

Q: Is there anything else that you recommend bringing?

A: A camera—your cell phone camera is fine. You could bring an audio recorder or any paranormal investigation tools that you already have like a digital thermometer or a K2 meter. Extra batteries are always a good idea.

Q: What about tipping?

A: Tipping is never expected, but if you feel that you have received excellent service from your guide, we hope that you will express your appreciation with a tip.

Q: Can I park at the cemetery and meet you there?

A: No, you must check in at Aurora Theatre and walk with the group. There is no where to safely park at the cemetery.

Q: Is the tour wheel chair accessible?

A: We don’t know yet. The terrain in the cemetery is very uneven and steep at times. The roll back to the Aurora is uphill. That being said, if you are really interested and have one or two strong friends who could help you, you could give it a try. However, our walking tour is completely wheelchair accessible.

Q: My child is only 10 years old but is really interested in ghosts. Can they take the tour?

A: Great, take them on the walking tour and bring them on the cemetery tour after they turn 13.

Q: I have a small baby and I could carry the child on the tour. Is it all right if I bring them?

A: No.

Q: Is this a storytelling tour?

A: Stories will be told on the tour, but various paranormal phenomena will be discussed and you will get a chance to explore different parts of the cemetery while staying near the group.

Q: Will you tell the same stories as on the walking tour?

A: No, all of the stories and information will be unique to the Haunted Cemetery Tour with the exception of the story about 11 Alive’s crew spending the night in the cemetery.

Q: Do we need to take the walking tour prior to taking the Haunted Cemetery Tour?

A: No, but there are people mentioned on the walking tour whose graves we will see on the Haunted Cemetery Tour. For instance, on the walking tour we tell the story about what Philadelphia Winn did to a saloon in 1850. On the Haunted Cemetery Tour, we will visit Philadelphia Winn’s grave and talk a little about her life.

Q: Why are you doing this tour?

A: We have told the story of the haunted cemetery since the LGT began. Everyone wanted to go to the cemetery which we could not do if we wanted to show people the courthouse and the jail. The Lawrenceville Ghost Trolley (which is no longer offered) made a stop in the cemetery and all the people on the tour said that they were taking the trolley just to see the cemetery. The guide personally experienced paranormal phenomena in the cemetery so decided to create a tour that went exclusively to the cemetery.